The year of 2013 has brought us a great deal of dumpster related stories. Here are some of Budget Dumpster’s favorites that really made an impact.

Boston, MA: A Tufts University student started a restaurant with a menu that is completely from Boston area dumpsters called the Gleaners’ Kitchen. All of the food served is also free of charge and has dramatically reduced food waste.

“Food is a fundamental right, and should be shared freely with all,” Maximus Thaler, owner of Gleanors’ Kitchen

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Brooklyn, NY: Earlier this year, a man began customizing and living out of a dumpster. Now this dumpster is completely tricked out and better than many others living situation. Throughout 2013 the man and his dumpster has been featured on many television shows and has no plans to move out of his container.

San Francisco, CA: This family actually does NOT need a dumpster because they have only produced a jar full of trash this year. Not only is this family diverting a lot of waste but also have saved a great deal of money. The family plans to continue its minimal disposal rate every year from now on.

Here is more information about this family

New York, NY: The Inflato Dumpster is revolutionizing the perception of dumpsters by converting them into usable spaces. A New York based group plans to continue raising funds to make these dumpster rooms available for a variety of activities.

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