Ghana: Electronic waste is a growing worldwide problem but the City of Agbogbloshie may be getting the worst of it. What used to be an area of recreation now is filled with millions of tons of unwanted electronics. Over 8% of the electronics that ended up here are imported directly from the United States.

Although the disposed electronics are created serious health risks, for many salvaging these same electronics is the only source of income. It is a common practice to just burn the electronics to make room for more. It is an even more common practice to witness children fighting the smoke to hopefully find something they can sell.

The solution to the E-Waste problem is far from being answered. Even though the many companies have slowed the export of electronics, it is very costly to dispose of them.

Spokane, WA: An unidentified couple took dumpster diving to the next level by sleeping in it. Unfortunately, the dumpster was picked up and unloaded the following morning by the Spokane Solid Waste Department.

Fortunately, the couple was unharmed as well as their dog. The dumpster hauler was able to hear the cries for help and save them from any more potential injury. Hopefully they can find a place to sleep without an early wake up call.

Worldwide: A major department of waste removal that many do not consider is the removal of human waste, which is currently very wasteful. Toilets in particular can use up to 7 gallons of water per flush. A company called Iota has created a toilet that saves both space and waste.

This sleek looking toilet will reduce water waste by over 50% per flush. It futuristic design can fit in those tight space and is perfect for multiple toilets in a limited area. Interested? Take a closer look at this video!