Trader Joe’s- The former president of Trader Joe’s Doug Rauch has established a new place that serves food that has passed the “sell by” date. The food being served at the “Daily Table” is still absolutely safe. Since the food is usually unwanted, this restaurant will be able to compete directly with fast food in terms of low prices.

This eatery is mainly in response to a recent report that proves “ sell by” and “best by” dates are misleading and result in wasting a great deal of good food. Over 40% of all food is wasted in the United States. This restaurant is a necessary step in reducing food waste and feeding the hungry.


Apples- Another way to cut down on food waste is how you actually consume various foods. One food in particular is the apple. Usually when people eat an apple over 30% of it is wasted. This means over $40 a year is wasted on apples on average.

To reduce apple food waste, eaters must consume apples starting from the bottom rather than from around the sides. Please refer to the video below to learn in depth on how to properly eat an apple.

Dryer Sheets- Paper waste is something that is a major concern throughout the world. One item that goes unnoticed is dyer sheets. Often this paper is used once and then tossed out. A company called Method has created the first dryer activated fabric spray. This spray can divert millions of dryer sheets from reaching landfills every single month. Even the bottle itself is eco-friendly and can easily be recycled.

This is not the only paper item that can benefit from being converted into a liquid spray. Many other paper products, over the next few years will evolve into a improved form to cut down on waste.