At the beginning of every year people re-commit themselves to be better. But as a small business owner, have you thought about resolutions for your business? To start, reflect on what went well this past year and what you can improve on. I’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions for small business owners. Even if you only commit to them for two or three months, you will be amazed by the results.

1. Grow Your Business Through Discovering New Partners

A great way to seek out new customers is by forming new partner relationships. It doesn’t matter how small the partnership is. It can have huge benefits for your business and the business you’re working with. Even if you swap blog posts with the other business once a month, both are being introduced to new audiences that might not have been introduced otherwise. Along with gaining a new audience you will also be gaining new content that you don’t have to write.

2. Put Your Electronic Devices Away

Recent studies have shown that using an electronic light-emitting device such as a smartphone or a tablet before you go to sleep reduces both the quantity and quality of your sleep. If you are a business owner you understand the importance of sleep. So instead of looking at your phone or tablet before you go to sleep, why not be old-fashioned and read a book or magazine!

3. De-junk the Office

Everyone spring cleans their homes at least once in their lives. Well, it may not be spring, and the office may not be considered a home, but I bet there’s definitely junk that has accumulated over the years. So why not take a few days to unclutter the office. It’s a great way to free up space and even organize the things you need and don’t need. If you realize you have more junk than you thought, you could even rent a dumpster for 10-14 days to help you with the process.

4. Spend More Time Out on the Floor

Depending on the type of business you own, you may not be in the building with your employees every day or you have a separate office that’s away from them. When you are not in the same physical room as they are you miss out on the day-to-day interactions and how everyone interacts with each other. Make it a new habit to be on the floor a couple of times a week. When your employees see you they might ask you more questions or for your help and opinions on what they’re working on.

5. Plan Your Day

If you don’t already, at the beginning of every morning make a “to do” list for that day or week. Remember to keep it reasonable and mostly achievable. There are many benefits of making a list. First off, it’s a great way to prioritize your time and manage tasks effectively. Let’s not forget the great feeling of crossing off items on your list. It can help you relieve stress because you see you are getting work done and that you are efficiently moving forward.