Out of all of the rooms in a house the hardest room to make garbage free is the bathroom. Most of the items in a bathroom are designed to be disposable. From razors to cotton balls, most bathroom items are made for convenience. Sometimes throwing out those disposal items is a hard habit to break.  We want to help you embrace the idea of alternative products and assist you in a zero waste bathroom.

Here are 5 tips toward a zero waste bathroom:

  1. Refill and Buy In Bulk

Consider buying liquid refill containers for shampoos, conditioners and body wash. By using the same container for those washes, you are saving a lot of plastic. Check out your nearest office supply store such as Staples to buy toilet paper. It is packaged in a huge cardboard box with each roll individually wrapped in paper instead of non-recyclable plastic.

  1. Minimize Plastic

Instead of buying individual body wash for the whole family, try using a single multipurpose soap. Plastic pump bottles can be extremely wasteful. Try avoiding these.

  1. Reduce Water Consumption

Conserving water has been hammered into our brains ever since we were little. Water is misused every day, especially in the bathroom. To conserve water while taking a shower, consider replacing your shower head with a low-flow head that restricts the amount of water that will come out. You can also replace your toilet with a water-conserving one that uses the smallest amount of water possible.

  1. Prohibit All Disposables With A Limited Life Span

Items such as Q-tips and cotton balls can have better counterparts. Consider using a washcloth to wash your ears or to remove makeup. There are many toothbrush alternatives such as compostable wooden or bamboo toothbrushes. Try looking into companies that sell toothbrushes made from 100% recycled plastic and offer recycling services for their plastic brushes.

  1. Make Products From Scratch

There are various homemade methods for body products. The “no shampoo” method consists of mixing baking soda and apple cider vinegar in a glass jar. Many facial exfoliants and cleansers can be whipped up using household ingredients like honey, yogurt, oatmeal and avocados.

Expensive lotions can be replaced with glass jars of organic, cold-pressed oils like coconut and avocado, to wash your face and remove makeup.