We all know that there is a global pollution problem. What you might not realize is just how much garbage we produce on a daily basis. Greg Segall is a photographer from California. He made it his mission to photograph the issue in an artistic way. The result was several impactful images that really makes one think about their consumption and disposal habits. His project is titled “7 Days of Garbage” and is an ongoing artistic exhibition. As the title suggests, it shows individuals, couples, and families with their garbage from the past 7 days surrounding them. It’s easy to forget about our trash when we throw it in a dumpster and never see it again. Things are a little different when we have to lie in it.

Segal chose to take the photographs in a naturalistic setting, and there was a purpose behind that. It shows that the garbage we produce directly affects the environment we live in, and that we sometimes take it for granted that we aren’t directly affected by what we throw out. “Obviously, the series is guiding people toward a confrontation with the excess that’s part of their lives. I’m hoping they recognize a lot of the garbage they produce is unnecessary”, he said. You can find more about Segal’s work on his website.

When you look through the pictures, you’ll start to notice some trends with the garbage. Most of it (if not ALL of it) is food packaging and waste. It also tells us a little something about eating habits and lifestyles (there’s a surplus of processed foods!) There’s also a lot of unnecessary garbage: recyclables, grocery bags, excess packaging. Some of the participants edited the contents of their garbage bags before their photograph as a result of embarrassment and wanting to appear less wasteful. Other participants didn’t touch a thing, leaving their photograph to reveal things exactly how they are. How would you fare in this series if you were to lie with your week’s worth of garbage?