When you own a home, you are responsible for regular maintenance and repairs. There are some critical maintenance jobs you just can’t procrastinate on. If you do, it could cost you hundreds of dollars and precious time. Here are eight home maintenance repairs you don’t want to ignore.

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Roof Leak

When you see that you have discolored spots on your ceiling or when you hear dripping water, then you know you have to do some repairs. A leaky roof can cause structural damage in the attic which could lead to rotting on the beams and joints as well as mold growing in your insulation. It’s important to take the necessary steps on how to find a roof leak to properly fix the problem.

Once you find the leak, it’s best to take the proper precautions to protect your home from future water damage.

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Mouse droppings in HVAC grilles or ants setting up camp on your kitchen’s base boards are signs of openings in your house that need to be closed. Places to check include pipes, exhaust vents, ducts, utility access panels, condensate lines and garage doors. If you are unsure on how to solve the problem, it’s best to call a professional exterminator.


Untrimmed Trees

When you can hear tree branches brushing against the walls of your house, it’s probably time to do some trimming. If you don’t take untrimmed trees seriously, the limbs could break your shingles or siding allowing water into the house causing mold to grow.

If it’s safe enough, you can fix this problem yourself. Just grab a ladder, a buddy, a saw, and get trimming. Call a landscaping business, if you don’t feel safe doing the job yourself.

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Cracks in the Basement

When you walk down the basement and you see cracks in the floors and/or walls, you should start to repair the problem. This is caused by poor drainage that allows water to sit around the house, causing concrete walls to settle and buckle.

We advise not to fix this repair yourself. This type of maintenance often requires exterior basement walls to be excavated and water-proofed. It’s best to hire a contractor that specializes in crumbling foundations.

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Damaged Roof Shingles

An important repair you should not procrastinate on is damaged or missing roof shingles. It doesn’t matter how small the damage is, it’s best to tackle it right away. Your wallet isn’t going to be happy if moisture reaches the wood sheathing underneath the shingles.

Check out this handy guide on how to remove shingles.

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Rumbling Noises from the HVAC

If you hear banging or thumping noises from your heating and air conditioning system, it should be investigated by a technician. There could be a problem with the belts, the compressor or blower motor. We advise that it has two checkups a year to make sure it’s working correctly.


Renew Hardwood Floors

The finish on a wood floor needs to be renewed periodically. If you tackle the job before the finish wears through, you will be able to apply the fresh coat without having to sand into the wood. This will save you a lot of money. If you wait until the last minute, the floor can’t be sanded and you will need a whole new floor.

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Fix Up Your Deck

Having a cookout is a bad time to see if your deck wobbles or wiggles when being walked on. It’s smart to inspect the deck before the warmer months begin as well as the end of the warmer months. Begin by checking the deck’s attachment to your house. Be sure it is attached with lag or screw bolts to a sturdy ledger board. Also look for signs of rot, cracks or rotten boards as well as the condition of the railings.

Check out these tips to properly prepare your deck.

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Are there any critical repairs we missed? Let us know in the comments section!

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