Maximus Thaler, a student at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts provides meals multiple times a week for a great deal of people absolutely free of charge.  Thaler is able to not charge people because all of the food is found from Boston area dumpsters. The average supermarket throws away over $2,000 worth of food a night, which has offered a lot of supplies for his meals.

This means that $165 billion dollars a year in just food is wasted by American supermarkets. Thaler is able to save thousands of dollars a week and provide quality meals for those in need. The belief system behind this project is trying to move away from putting monetary value on things. Instead the only things that have value are things that are useable.

For someone that truly does not believe in money, has turned to it for the greater good. Thaler has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to fund a café, where all of the food and drinks will be from discarded materials and of course free of charge. The place will be known as The Gleaners’ Kitchen that is a reference to people in the Old Testament that gathers left behind items for their family. This has evolved into a term “gleaning” which is a nicer sounding than dumpster diving.

If Thaler could find a restaurant in a dumpster this would not be a problem but he admits that money is essential to acquire the location. The Gleaners’ Kitchen is planned to be open 24 hours a day and never require payment to any customers for what they consume. The main food that will be provided will be a variety of soups but also a resource to display the art of local artist.

The potential restaurant will serve dinner every day and will be used as a location to host community events. This will also be a distribution center and catering service that takes orders via text message and of course delivered by bicycle. In efforts to improve their situation, the kitchen is promoting payment in form of services by the customers.

If all goes to plan the Gleaners’ Kitchen should be in full operation by the summer of 2013. This provides a great resource for not only needy individuals but also for bargain searching college students. If you can get past the fact the meal came completely out of the dumpster, this is the place for you.