Duke University has started an inventive method to combat to the large amount of waste normally headed for local landfills. The university has acquired a collection of reusable items from students and citizens of Durham that will be featured in the Duke Free Store. The random assortments of goods are available twice a month a swap-meet style atmosphere.

This store truly lives up to its name and everything is absolutely free. Customers do not even have to donate to take part in the action. The Duke Free Store started primarily as a waste management effort between students who had no use for their various school supplies but could still benefit other students that needed them. In their short existence, it has really expanded into much more and has become very popular among students and faculty.

The Free store works primarily off donations and has seen a variety of items come and go. Many items that are now obsolete, such as floppy disks are found to be very popular with the students and produced a very nostalgic aspect to the project.  This store has been created through efforts from the university groups “Students for Sustainable Living” and “Duke Recycles”.

Although this store is unique to Duke University, it is apart of a larger global effort known as “Freecycling.” This movement’s ultimate global is to divert usable goods from landfills by putting these items in the hands of people that need them. This cause looks not at the unwanted materials not as trash but potential gifts for people around the world.

It is the localized efforts of The Duke Free Store that can help make this movement a reality and has encouraged many people to take part. Students have reported looking at their possessions differently, especially ones that are rarely used. The Duke Free Store makes the process simple, which has led to increased participation and expansion from humble beginning of just a table.

The Duke Free Store brings new meaning the age-old phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Budget Dumpster is in full support of the “freecycle” initiative and encourages making certain that others cannot use any of your items before throwing them in our roll off rental Dumpsters.  Landfills are filling up quick; it is the efforts of these students now that will produce benefits for the future