The waste removal industry is booming and many various businesses are popping up everyday in efforts to receive their piece of the market. American’s especially produce an ideal situation for waste removal services. Notoriously Americans are lazy and do not want to deal with their waste. Many companies have taken advantage of this opportunity.

One business in particular has created a waste removal service that can benefit customers around the world. Shane Wieter has started his service called “Doo Care,” which cleans up the droppings from your pet. Doo Care has been serving the waste removal needs of Chicago area since 2006.

Weiter began the business mainly out of necessity, being unemployed but there are many other reasons that fueled this innovative service. There are many diseases, toxins and other harmful things that can be transferred to humans from handling pet feces. Also there are the obvious benefits of avoiding the smell and limiting the chance of stepping in it.


Many other businesses around the country are following this business model but Doo Care remains at the most established and is gaining serious attention. This has allowed Doo Care to expand its waste removal service to the Chicago area suburbs. With limited overhead and great customer service, Doo Care is aimed for continued success.

Doo Care provides Chicago waste removal services to both commercial and residential locations and will come as many times as needed throughout the week. Many people do not realize the damage dog poop can have on their lawn and this service solves this problem. This company is very efficient and really exemplifies their tagline of “We Really Doo Care.”

This is just one of the many businesses providing the residents of Chicago waste removal services. A successful business has to serve the needs of its customers and Doo Care is the prime example of that. Doo Care is an essential part of keeping Chicago, a clean and healthy place to live.