Aflac, an insurance company located in Columbus, Georgia is trying to reduce their solid waste by 75%. To help reduce the food waste they have installed an ORCA Green Machine in their very own cafeteria.

The ORCA Green Machine digests the food waste turning it into grey water. Grey water is waste water enriched with nutrients that can be used to help grow vegetation. The machine can digest up to 60,000 pounds of food waste a year. This prevents the waste from going to landfills, turning it into water that can be of use.

Now that Aflac has installed this machine in their cafeteria, they can recycle up to 2,400lbs of food waste a day. Within 24 hours the food waste can be converted into the grey water. This is a rather quick turnaround. It allows them to use the machine daily.

To convert the food waste into the enriched water, the food waste must be entered into the machine. Water is then added periodically to keep the materials moist. The machine also uses microorganisms to help breakdown the food. The waste is then continuously turned in the machine to help it alter into liquid form.

Aflac has now had the ORCA Green Machine installed in the cafeteria for around 4 months. It has proven to be of great help with recycling their food waste materials and in reaching their goal of reducing their solid waste by 75%. Aflac strives to be an environmentally friendly company and they are constantly working towards becoming more sustainable.

If more companies, homeowners, corporations, and industries would strive to be more environmentally friendly such as Aflac has, the world would be a greener place. It is highly encouraged that everyone practice proper waste disposal methods and learn of more innovative ways to reduce and recycle.

Via: Mother Nature Network