Akron is making an effort to step up their productivity when it comes to recycling in the city. They have launched a new educational program that aims to teach residents better practices when it comes to waste removal and what sort of debris is allowed to be recycled. Residents of the city (as with most cities) are still tossing refuse into their recycling cans that are unable to be properly handled by the facilities. These items account for about 10 percent of what is going into these waste containers. Non-recyclables must be separated and then shipped out to landfills. This takes time and makes the wonderful recycling service that is offered by the city go much slower than it should.

A more pro-active approach is being taken in order to better educate the residents of Akron on what can and cannot be recycled in their waste containers. Before, fliers would be placed on the receptacles if drivers found restricted items in them. This would not always be the case, however, as some debris inevitably would be in the bottom of the container or hidden. This is waste that is meant for tossing in standard trash cans and refuse dumpsters. Unfortunately, even those that received these fliers would not always comply.

Akron’s public works manager Paul Barnett comments, “We struggle with how to target the people who have the contamination. We think this is the best way [referring to the new plan]. What we find is – when we mail out a brochure – they don’t read it. They assume they are putting the right things out.” There are not only monetary issues that arise from those tossing the wrong sort of debris there are health issues as well. Some residents are throwing out refuse that is hazardous to those that must do the sorting. This puts everyone at the recycling centers at risk of injury or worse.

It is great to hear that the city of Akron is taking a strong initiative when it comes to properly educating its residents on how to handle their recycling. If you are disposing of something that cannot be recycled, it should go in a standard trash can or dumpster rental in Akron. Granted, there are some items that are simply never meant to be tossed with general debris either. If you are unsure about anything, there is a wealth of resources at your disposal to help you figure out how to properly dispose of the waste from your home or business. The smarter we all are about the debris we get rid of, the safer and cleaner our world becomes. Not only are recycling center employees safer, we all are as a whole. Learn up. More cities need to take Akron’s idea and give everyone a refresher course on these issues. The initial Akron plan will include the neighborhoods that have proven to be the worst at proper recycling. But I personally believe we could all use some tips to live by when it comes to proper waste removal practices.

Source: ohio.com

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