Will that be paper or plastic? There are pros and cons to both, but the important thing is that you always remember to bag your trash before throwing it into either a dumpster or trash can.  Everyone has been guilty of throwing away loose trash from time to time, but it’s a practice that we should avoid. It isn’t always possible – and of course it’s better to throw loose trash in into a proper receptacle than to litter – but society would be significantly cleaner if we all made that extra effort to bag it.

Just think for a second about some of the common trash that accumulates in offices, homes and work sites. Sugary drinks, decomposing food, beer, animal droppings and other decomposing matter builds up and eventually has to end up in a dumpster. When those things are tossed carelessly away, they tend to make a mess. That mess is guaranteed to attract ants, flies, cockroaches and other insects that feed on rubbish and lay their eggs amidst it. In addition, it can also attract vermin such as rats—not exactly the type of company you want hanging around your home or place of work now, is it?

In most cases, the trash gets picked up and hauled away once a week. When that happens, loose garbage shifts around and can end up in the street. Once it gets caught in the wind, there’s no telling where it will end up. This is a type of senseless pollution that we could all work harder to prevent. Plus, foul odors tend to build up in the week between pickups when trash is not stored properly. And during the summer months, extreme heat speeds up the decomposition process and adds to the odor. Don’t add to the problem; bag your trash and keep dumpsters cleaner.