Boston University is partaking in an eight week long race to see who can collect the most recyclables among schools that have chosen to participate.

The race, RecycleMania started back in 2001 and has since grown in its number of participants. This annual competition, as of last year had over 600 colleges, and 6million students and staff involved in the race to recycle. This year the numbers have grown larger.

Over 94million pounds of recycled items have been collected from RecycleMania. The schools that have been partaking in the race have really taken the competition seriously. What started out as a race between Ohio State University and Miami University has really taken off into a whole new way of encouraging people to recycle and keep our environment green.

The competition aids students in not only recycling more but in making them aware of the various recycling programs that are made available. Awareness is what the competition is based around.

During RecycleMania, the competitors can track everyone else scores online. This helps give them incentive to try and recycle more. Last year, BU ranked at 234th among a total of 266 other colleges. This year, they would like to rank higher.

The types of recycling that the competition tracks include food waste, plastic, cans, paper, and bottles. Composting and recycling are both common forms of minimizing waste and ridding of it properly. Anything can be as long as it is able to be recycled, reduced or reused in one way or another.

Boston University plans on continuing their participation in the race to recycle every year. They want to increase the amount in which they recycle and only become better in their efforts.

There are many ways to recycle or reuse items. You can easily take advantage of the recycling programs offered in the Boston, MA area. You may also decide to recycle items yourself, like turning an old piece of furniture into something new and more useable.

When you have a major cleanup to do around your Boston property, you may even want to consider renting a dumpster. The contents that are in the dumpster often get distributed to the proper waste disposal center where they are sorted out and even recycled.

The Boston, MA area can always benefit from recycling, along with the rest of the nation. Proper waste disposal is crucial in keeping our environment clean and green.

Via: BU Today