Budget Dumpster is a leader in the waste removal industry, which makes us responsible to educate others about properly taking care of trash. So we have complied 10 trash facts that will make you (at least seem like) a waste removal professional. Hopefully these trash facts can also provide you with the motivation to accomplish a waste removal project!

1. Every year, Americans alone produce enough garbage to circle the Earth over 300 times!

2. The State of California will spend over $25 million dollars each year disposing plastic bags in landfills and spend another $8 million on cleaning them off city streets!

3. The average American workers drinks 2.5 cans of soda per day and will throw away 500 cups every year!

4. The first landfill ever created was located in Knossos, Greece circa 3000 BC!

5. In 1800, New York City was often called the “Nasal Disaster,” due to the strong odors from the lack of waste removal in the area!

6. The Fresh Kill Landfill and the Great Wall of China are the only 2 man made structures that astronauts have been able to see from space!

7. Every single hour over 2,500,000 plastic bottles will be used and thrown away, by just people within the United States!

8. The highest point in Hamilton County Ohio, which includes the City of Cincinnati is the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill at 1045 feet above sea level!

9. Over 1% of all trash currently in landfills are diapers.

10. Of the 14 billion pounds of trash dumped into the ocean every year, 80% of it is directly from land not boats.

Since 2009, Budget Dumpster has been in the business of effectively removing waste for people around the United States. Although, we make every extra effort to help customers minimize the trash headed to landfills. Budget Dumpster encourages the donation of any unwanted materials that can still provide good for those in need. For more information on how to handle your unwanted materials contact Budget Dumpster now!