Budget Dumpster is proud to announce that we are a cosponsor for the San Diego Relay for Life this weekend. The event will be held Saturday May 18 thru Sunday the 19 and we have provided them with a dumpster to handle the debris attendees and participants will be tossing. This is something we are ecstatic to be a part of and wish all of the participants (as well as others in attendance) the best of luck and a great weekend.

Relay for Life had its inaugural event in Tacoma, Washington in May of 1985. Dr. Gordy Klatt was on a mission to raise money for his local office of the American Cancer Society. He came up with the idea of walking and running to raise said money. So for twenty-four hours he did just that around a track in Tacoma. This would raise $27,000 and spark a flame that would only grow stronger. The following year, there were 340 supports running for 19 teams that joined Gordy to help raise $33,000. This has since blossomed into over 5,200 events across the United States and over $4.5 billion raised to save lives and research cancer. Relay for Life is an event that has been going strong for the last 28 years with no sign of stopping.

A Relay typically has seven events included. The first part is an Opening Ceremony for everyone in attendance. After that, there is a Survivor Lap where survivors can celebrate their victory over cancer. From there, a Caregiver Lap is taken, which is devoted to those who have helped a patient by providing them service and help. Then there is the Opening Lap which is where all of the teams get started. A Luminaria Ceremony follows where bags and candles are lit to honor those lost to the disease and also those who are currently fighting it. Throughout the night there is Individual Walking that takes place where each team consistently has someone on the track. Then to close, there is the Fight Back Ceremony.

We are honored to contribute to such a wonderful cause. Those of us here at Budget Dumpster wish everyone involved, on the track and off, the best of luck this weekend. We are keeping everyone in our thoughts and we’ll do anything we can in the future to be involved with more events like Relay for Life.