As a dumpster rental service, we deal with a lot of other people’s trash. Most people throw away useful items every day that may either be helpful for someone else or could have been helpful to them. Taking a minute to think about the value of an item before deciding its trash can make a positive impact on you, the environment and even someone else.Before you throw away furniture, clothes, old rugs, etc. Take a good look at them. If they can be salvaged save them and take the time to drop them off at a Goodwill store. Taking those extra few minutes to evaluate an items condition and driving it to the store could help another person in need who is not as fortunate as you are. However, if the items are extremely worn and falling apart it is best if they are thrown away.

Other trash items you might not think twice about throwing away such as bruised bananas, dryer lint and even old coffee grounds could all be used and applied in helpful ways.

Eating an overripe and maybe even bruised banana doesn’t sound or look appetizing. However, squishy bananas are the best bananas to use in baked recipes such as banana muffins and bread!

Add coffee grounds to your plants and soil and watch your garden beautifully thrive and blossom. They also make a great deodorizer for your refrigerator.

Are you having trouble with animals digging or eating up your garden? Have no fear because Budget Dumpster is here to let you in on the secret to keeping mischievous critters away. Save the rinds from your oranges, lemons, and limes. Then spread them around your garden. The strong citrus smell will keep away squirrels rabbits, cats and any other small animals looking to cause trouble in your yard.

Items that should never be thrown away in a dumpster:

No flammable, toxic, and/or hazardous material, thinners, lacquers, paints, paint filters, solvents, oils, oil filters, contaminated absorbents, asbestos, batteries, infectious waste, contaminated soils, fuels, inks, resins, or adhesives.