This Edition of Waste Removal Weekly takes a visual approach to showcase the tremendous impact of the things we decide to throw away. Allow Budget Dumpster to take you on this photo journey, which travels to all edges of the globe. Hopefully some of these images can give viewers a better understanding of what is actually going on around the world!

Let’s begin with a beloved product that can instantly become obsolete and thrown away in a blink of an eye. It looks like many people have received a cell phone upgrade and contributed their old one to this Atlanta landfill.

Oh and do not forget about throwing away those useless chargers!

Well let’s try to find out where this e-waste was thrown away. Sometimes trash cans are designed to encourage waste removal. Maybe this receptacle below was just too irresistible.

Maybe all those cell phones were thrown away at last year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open. However probably not since it was a Zero Waste event. Here is the famous 16th hole!

Regardless of where it was tossed out, it was probably in a dumpster. Stroll down memory lane to see the dumpsters that our ancestors were using known as the Dempster Dumpmaster.

You know who could use a dumpster? How about the City of Cairo and they are going definitely need more than one!

Unfortunately, some of this waste will end up in water ways and eventually adding to what is know as the Great Garbage Patch located in the Pacific Ocean.

Not everything that is thrown away is wasted. Unwanted materials can be recycled and repurposed into beautiful things such as this:

Or even more useful things such as this apartment building with an exterior layer of over 1000 doors.

Waste is something that every person in the world deals with on a daily basis. Everyone has a responsibility to properly remove and dispose unwanted materials. Budget Dumpster can help anyone take care of their trash with a roll off dumpster rental!