During the summer months, people are definitely spending more time outside. Whether it may be going to music festivals, golfing or a variety of other activities to soak up the sun. There are many benefits from being outside but a major downside is not being able to keep your cell phone charged.

Our cell phones have become much more that a tool in case of an emergency. We rely on our phones to not only get us through the day but also to get out of many potentially awkward situations. As technology has improved our phones, technology to keep our cell phones charged has evolved as well. Here are some new gadgets to keep you in the loop no matter, where you may be:

1.The Orange Power Pump

GotWind has created a device that utilizes an item that you would normally have on a weekend getaway, an air mattress pump. The pump is hooked up to the Orange Power Pump and it harnesses the kinetic energy as the pump is used. The device is plugged into your cell phone and it recharges it. Unfortunately, it is not incredibly efficient and it takes 1 minute of pumping to produce 1 second of talk time.

2. nPower PEG

The nPower PEG, which stands for Personal Energy Generator, can charge any electronic device. This charger looks like a small stick and can easily fit inside your pocket. As energy is produced as you walk around, the nPower PEG harnesses it and charges your cell phone. Just one hour of walking around will result in your device being charged up to 80%. Currently, it is on the market for $150 but it could be worth it.

3. OffGrid Solar Backpack 

This product, which is produced by Voltaic, is perfect for the hikers and campers who get off the beaten path. The backpack is specially designed with solar panels to collect the energy from the sun. Even with the bag being able to charge any device, comfort is not sacrificed. Just 1 hour in the sun will result in over an hour and a half in talk time. Voltaic offers a variety of accessories with the bag and currently has it set at reasonable price of $229.

4. Vodafone Sleeping Bag

While you sleep, your body heat can produce enough energy to complete charge your cell phone. In efforts to reach out to those attending festivals but run into problems charging their devices to capture the experience, Vodafone has created this innovative sleeping bag. To use the sleeping bag to charge your phone is simple but construction of the bag is quite complex.

People will never be able to use the excuse that their cell phone was not charged again. Hopefully, these devices can be used to help people get out of bad situations and not help them update their Facebook on vacation. Regardless, these new devices will allow people to do both.