Organic matter is highly taken for granted. All too often people throw their organic waste and food scraps into the garbage without even considering that they should try to compost it. Chicago, IL has begun to show their concern.

The Central Illinois Composting Symposium would eventually like to see people throwing organic waste into a separate bin where it can be taken to the proper waste disposal place where it is composted rather than tossed into a landfill.

The symposium has been around for ten years and has since seen an increase in large organizations using alternate ways to rid of organic waste such as composting. The Lincoln Land Community College’s Green Center claims that it is more difficult to get the residents of Illinois to begin composting their food crap than it is to get businesses and organizations.

Since the Central Illinois Composting Symposium will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year at the LLCC, they plan on having speakers talk about the need for composting. They want the residents of Illinois to learn how to compost and even have a separate bin just for organic waste alone. They will hold workshops showing how you can personally create your own composting bin.

When organic waste is thrown into a dumpster or trash can, it is taken to the landfill. Unfortunately, landfills aren’t an appropriate area for organic waste. The organic material will be covered which will stop it from decomposing. It needs plenty of oxygen in order to break down.

When people create a composting bin, they can use the broken down compost to feed their gardens and yards. The compost material harbors rich nutrients, perfect for growing plants.

The Illinois Green Economy Network has faith that it is only a matter of time before residents will be composting organic matter in their own bins. The network is responsible for the promotion of green technology. They believe the government will soon realize the need for proper waste disposal.

Via: SJ-R.Com