If you’re in need of a dumpster to accommodate your home or business project, then you should know that Budget Dumpster can connect you with an affordable and reliable local provider. But what if everything you toss in there isn’t trash? Sure it probably is to you – otherwise you wouldn’t have thrown it in there – but one man in Chicago is making a living partly because he yanks wood and other materials out of dumpsters around the city.

Dumpster diving is hardly new, but Raun Meyn is using it as a way to fuel a profitable new business.  “If I drive by a dumpster and there’s like a board or a door or you know a column or something sticking out that’s coming from a building being torn down, you know, I’ll stop and get out and grab it or fish through and see what I can find,” said Meyn of his, ahem, resource gathering practice. He doesn’t just pull anything out of there, though; he specifically targets wood.

“A gem to me is like a six panel door that’s been sitting outside for years and it was painted 30 different times and all the paint’s peeling off of it and you can see the different layers of history. I love that texture and that quality,” Meyn continued. So what’s he doing with all of that old wood he finds in dumpsters, you ask? He’s fabricating picture frames and furniture.

The store he created to sell the frames, FoundRE, has grown so successful that he was able to leave his job and support himself with it. So if you’re using a dumpster in the Chicago area, don’t be surprised to see a gentlemen salvaging wood out of it. His actions keep wood from ending up in landfills and afford dumpster users some extra space in the containers. And if you still don’t have enough room in there, remember that Budget Dumpsters can set you up with a dumpster as large as 40 yards. Our 40 cubic yard dumpsters are 8 feet x 22 feet x 8 feet. Choose Budget Dumpster for all of your dumpster rental needs.