A company called Loadmaster teamed up with Motiv Power Systems to produce an electric waste collection vehicle. This will be the first electric garbage truck in the entire United States and is headed to Chicago, Illinois.

This is a part of the City of Chicago’s attempt to have greener and more sustainable practices. The electric garbage truck will also save the City money, well not at first.

The price tag on the first electric garbage truck is over $1.2 million compared to the price of a normal truck at $250,000. If the green trucks work out for Chicago, then the City plans to purchase 19 additional electric garbage collectors at the cost of $13.4 million.

“The City of Chicago is trying to develop a greener image, and they’re going to start in their refuse department,” said Loadmaster President, Dave Brisson.

The good thing about the green technology being used for these trucks is that the parts are interchangeable. Any of the electric batteries can be put on any vehicle, which should save in maintenance costs.

It is just a matter of time before other cities begin to evolve their waste removal practices but it is likely that Chicago will be used as a test bed to see if it is truly worth it to go green at this time.