We posted about Chicago’s push for city-wide recycling and their new approach to the Blue Cart Recycling Program in a previous entry. As of yesterday, we have an announcement that the program is growing beyond its initial plan. This is thanks to the Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, Coca-Cola, and Keep America Beautiful. There is a grant of $2.59 million that will help to provide for this effort by purchasing 50,000 of these blue carts over the next few years. The Coca-Cola Foundation is footing the bill for this major expansion and giving Keep America Beautiful the ability to take the next step when it comes to Chicago’s new recycling project.

“Chicago residents have been asking for citywide recycling services for many years, and this grant will help expand blue cart recycling to all communities by the end of 2013 and pay for damaged and replacement carts for years to come,” said Mayor Emanuel in a prepared statement. “With the help of Coca-Cola and Keep America Beautiful, Chicago will become a greener, more sustainable city.”

It is said that 25,000 of those 50,000 blue carts will be delivered to the city by the end of the year, with the remaining 25,000 sent out over the next five years. The partnership of Coco-Cola and Keep America Beautiful is a lasting one. They have been working together for over half a century and have helped promote the recycling practices of communities all over the country. Instead of tossing everything into the dumpsters and landfills of the world, a better option is being made available to consumers. In regard to Chicago, Emmanuel wants the make the city the greenest in the world. This is a tall order, but with all of the recent implementation, something that could be very possible.

Americans, on average, seem to be getting more aware of the benefits to recycling. And it has been shown that with a little push in the right direction, we are capable of doing something truly great for the environment. It’s not always easy, finding new uses for objects instead of throwing them into our trash bins, and even something as seemingly simply as recycling can become a complicated process. But it appears to be getting easier by the day and that is something we can all be thankful for in the long run. The less waste we have piling up in cities and towns across the country, the better it will be for everyone.

Via Vending Market Watch

Pic via Dori