Have a lot of leaves in your neighborhood this year, and an entrepreneurial spirit? Why not get some friends together and rent one of our roll off dumpsters to help clear your neighbors’ yards? With our competitively low prices, it is likely that you will only need to clean just a few of the yards on a single street before you make up for the cost in renting. And then, the profits start!

This is what makes our roll off dumpsters so popular: because they are highly versatile in their uses. Whether it is trash that you trying to haul, or mulch, or leaves, our dumpsters are perfect for whatever your purpose may be. Roll off dumpster rentals make it incredibly easy for you to access a dumpster for use every now and then, rather than keeping one around your property year-round.

So if you are noticing that many of your neighbors are too busy to rake their yards, rent one of our roll off dumpsters now and start piling in the leaves! Make sure you check with your local authorities as to where you should dump leaves after you’ve collected them.

Call your nearest Budget Dumpster location or check out our website today, to learn more about renting our great roll off dumpsters.