Recycling is on the rise in Cuyahoga County, with the city of Cleveland and surrounding communities keeping 78,254 tons of general recyclables and 149,218 tons of organic waste from the landfills of the city. This totals close to 227, 500 tons of total waste recycled throughout Cuyahoga County, with an annual Total Recycling Rate for 2012 of 32.74% which is up from 2011’s 29.91%. There’s a breakdown available by neighborhood in the Residential Recycling Report by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District. Fifteen neighborhoods were able to recycle over 50% of their refuse last year, with Pepper Pike and Woodmere recycling over 70%.

According to the executive director of the Solid Waste District, since 2001 recycling rates in residential communities in Cuyahoga County have risen nearly 15%. This has been accomplished through a variety of programs, including typical recycling programs, drop-off and composting programs, and by other means. The fear of filling up landfills in the city far too quickly has been lessened due to this recent push for more environmental responsibility throughout Cleveland and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities. And according to a separate report filed last year, trash that is being shipped to landfills has dropped in the last decade as well. Some of that drop is due to the struggling economy, but a significant portion is still coming from a smarter take on waste removal.

There is a process to get this recycled debris from its initial location to the final destination. This includes passing through one of four recycling facilities in the area where it is sorted and cleaned. Dumpster rentals as well as general refuse bins are both included in this recycling effort. Part of the ease in recycling comes from the ability of the consumer to not only utilize standard recycling practices but also take advantage of far simpler means. There is the option to recycle cans, glass, metals, and paper all in one bin or bag.

Cuyahoga County is doing everything it can to make sure that proper waste disposal practices are being implemented, and not only that, being implemented in a safe and responsible manner. There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether you are in the Cleveland area or elsewhere. If you don’t know how to get involved, researching steps to take is really easy. No matter where you are, there is more than likely a viable option when it comes to recycling.

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