After massive flooding in Colorado, landfills are working hard to accommodate for all of the debris left behind. Flooding always makes for a mess of debris and waste. It can be difficult to get it all cleaned up properly and for landfills to accommodate for such large amounts of waste materials coming in at one time.

Colorado landfills are getting nearly double the daily input of waste materials that they’re accustomed to. The debris left behind by the flooding that occurred is making landfill employees work even harder to get the waste sorted and distributed in the landfills. However, workers are dealing with it immediately and doing a great job getting the waste sorted.

The mess the flood had made is expected to take a while to get completely cleared up. There are many areas that are tough to reach where mass amounts of waste materials are gathered. It will take some time for cleanup crews to get in these areas to clean up the debris. Larimer County has taken over 159 loads of waste materials already since the cleanup has begun. The town of Firestone collected nearly 140 loads of waste in just a day’s time. Even with cleanup crews working hard, there is still so much more to accomplish.

Colorado has a ban against e-waste going into landfills. Since the floods, the state has decided to life those bans allowing for broken televisions and computers to be sent to landfills for the time being. The state is doing everything they can to make cleanup easier on residents and are trying to assure that waste is properly disposed of.

Proper waste disposal is always important especially in emergency situations such as in Colorado right now. It is necessary for them to act quick and efficiently to avoid any possible illnesses.

Via: The Denver Post