The manufacturer for reusable bags and restaurant bags, Command Packaging intends to open a new recycling facility for plastic materials. The facility is located in Salinas CA and approximately 130,000 square feet in size. It is expected to open by October 2013.

The new recycling facility, Encore Recycling will open up many job opportunities. There will be around 40 job openings in October and by 2014, there will be at least 100 more full-time jobs with hopes of expanding to 500 full-time employees. Encore Recycling is expected to recycle over 100 million pounds of plastic annually. Their mission is to create a more sustainable plastic.

Encore Recycling plans on diverting plastic from going to the landfills in California. They will clean and recycle the plastic to then create reusable plastic bags, also referred to as Smarterbags. These reusable bags will then be used throughout California’s grocery stores.

The process of recycling that will be performed at the facility is known as closed-loop recycling. Closed-loop recycling is widely used in European countries. The gist of the closed-loop recycling process is to divert any plastic materials from going to the landfills so that they can then be recycled and made into other plastic products for use throughout California.

There are many major companies working with Encore to assure that their plastics are recycled. Some of these companies include Dole, Driscoll, Ramco, as well as many others. They all want to adhere to Encore Recycling’s mission, “recycling with a purpose.”

The new facility is one of the largest recycling plants in the area. Many California businesses had struggled with finding a recycling facility large enough to handle the amount of plastic materials they would discard of. Now, with Encore Recycling these businesses will have the opportunity to recycle all of their discarded plastics.

Via: CropLife