With Boston seeing just shy of 100 inches of snow this winter, it’s safe to say things in the city haven’t been running as smoothly as usual. Many roads are impassible, even still, people are stuck in their homes, and the snow covers just about everything. As the mountains of white powder are cleared, certain things get taken care of quicker than others. Unfortunately, some services are still left in the lurch, with no clear sign as to when things will get better.

Specifically, many residents haven’t had their trash picked up in weeks, a few cases nearing a whole month. Most of this refuse has either been swallowed up by the snow or, in some cases, the street that it’s all sitting on is unable to be reached by the sanitation workers. A few residents have reported that trucks were finally seen on their street this week, but due to the snow still causing issues, the pickup was less than thorough.

No one is immune when it comes to this waste removal rigmarole, however, as even municipal buildings still have trash in their dumpsters. With over 4,500 refuse requests placed on the mayor’s hotline in the last month, only about 200 of them have been able to be fulfilled. Some residents started removing the waste from public bins themselves to try and help the situation. Unfortunately, the only solution right now is time. Residents have been asked for patience. While none of this is ideal for anyone involved, it’s easy to see where both sides are coming from in this case.

Budget Dumpster for Bostonians

We’d like to let readers know that we are here to lend a hand wherever possible. In situations where the roads are able to be traversed but the sanitation workers (being so backed up at this time) won’t be able to make it out in the near future, give us a call. We can get you a roll off dumpster rental to fill and then haul away all that trash with just a couple phone calls. If you are living in a neighborhood where this issue has gotten particularly messy, consider asking the people around you to split one of our larger sizes and get the whole block cleaned up.

We’re here to help this pickup predicament sort itself out as quickly as possible. Both sides in this case have been through a lot and when it comes down to it, everyone’s on the same team, whether that’s readily apparent or not. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help the situation in your area.

Source: Boston Globe

Image Source: NBC News