Saturday, March 28 is a big day in Buffalo, New York when it comes to recycling your waste. The University at Buffalo South Campus is holding an event in the Main Street and Bailey Avenue parking lot. Residents can bring their confidential papers to the lot and have them shredded safely and responsibly onsite. The event runs from 10 am until 1 pm and there is a five-box limit per vehicle. But that’s not all that’s going down at UB that day.

GObike is accepting bicycles in any condition for donation as part of a Recycle-a-Bike program. The program works to teach at-risk youth how to repair and maintain bicycles. And even that’s not all. The Western New York Coalition for Donated Goods is taking shoes and clothing, as well as sheets and blankets, to help support local community services. All this donating and recycling in one place makes us smile.

Community events such as this one are a great way to get rid of stuff you don’t need and to also do something good for others in need. I know personally, I worry about how to properly get rid of my confidential papers. Even with a home shredder, I sometimes wonder if thieves going through the trash could still piece the information back together. With these events, you can be sure that you’re getting everything taken care of in a secure manner. You can probably even ask them what method they use or how finely those papers get chopped up, if you’re still concerned.

The city’s website offers a wealth of information to visitors on all things recycling. It tells you what you can and cannot recycle and gives tips on better practices as well. You can check back with us here at The Fill in the future for more information on events like this in Buffalo and across the country as well.

Source: Buffalo News