CHARLESTON, SC – The average office worker in the United States will print out over 10,000 pieces of paper every year. This shocking statistic combined with the over 500 million ink and toner cartridges that end up in landfills every year is enough evidence that use of paper is extremely wasteful. One business however is giving companies the opportunity to save money, while going green.

DocuSMART is a document management service that supplies customers with the digital equivalents of their documents. This green company utilizes the most advanced software and scanning solutions, which allows the transformation to paperless to be quick and easy. Once all the documents are in a cloud based storage, customers are able to more effectively retrieve their documents from anywhere, at anytime.

A majority of DocuSMART’s clients are businesses looking to save money and avoid headaches by going paperless. In some cases these businesses have important historical documents that are hand written, with no copies in existence. These documents are no problem for DocuSMART, providing these businesses with the peace of mind that these important papers will be available to them in the future.

Another demographic that has taken advantage of DocuSMART’s services are law firms. Among other things, lawyers are notorious for being extremely wasteful with paper. With the average attorney using over 1 ton of paper ever year, there is an obvious need for a change. This is only one of the many industries that could instantly improve and save money by contacting DocuSMART.

The benefits of going paperless will save businesses thousands of dollars every year. On top of the monetary value, customers of DocuSMART will be more efficient and have a solid foundation as they move further into the technological age. Although the advantages are vast at the end of the day, DocuSMART is making a positive impact on the environment.

“Going green has become a common theme in business communities. So it seems only fitting that more and more organizations are seeing paperless solutions as a crucial element of their green initiatives. Let’s be honest we waste absurd amounts of paper…and for what purpose?” says CEO Reed Daniels.

Once DocuSMART allows its clients to go green, the job is not over. DocuSMART provides its customers with the training to effectively operate in a paperless environment. To take things even further, they implement electronic work flows, which eliminates the production of future paper waste with automated processes and electronic signatures.

DocuSMART is a business that practices what they preach. Their headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina is completely paperless. DocuSMART’s green initiatives continue with the interactions with their clients. By creating client portals, they are able to save at least 3 sheets of paper every time they communicate. Whether you choose to go paperless or not the DocuSMART CEO Reed Daniels offers some insights on how to make some green steps in the right direction.

“There’s the simple things you can do today to prevent paper waste. For example always print double-sided documents, stop unwanted “junk mail”, and sign-up for electronic billing statements. These are nice places to start your green journey.”