Saturday, October 11th was Charleston’s 12th annual Dash for Trash scavenger hunt. Every year the College of Charleston organizes a fun-filled day for picking up litter in their city. The teams are made up of students from the college who spend three hours running around and collecting trash from the area.

Each team has to collect different items which are for a designated amount of points. Some of the items on the list include things such as cigarette butts, hub caps, batteries and much more. The teams also received points for whomever had the most team spirit, the most recyclable items and the most unique materials. Judges determined which unique items garnered the most amount of points.

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This award-winning event is co-sponsored by the College of Charleston Center for Civic Engagement and the City of Charleston’s Keep Charleston Beautiful. Dash for Trash gives students the opportunity to interact with other students who are also interested in giving back to their community. The students get to participate in some fun and friendly competition while learning about the effects of pollution and litter in their city.

The main goal of the Dash for Trash is to prevent future littering throughout Charleston and gain an increased awareness of the anti-litter laws in the city. South Carolina is unique in the way that they have a zero tolerance policy on littering. Due to their beautiful lands and conservation areas, the police have cracked down on offenders of their littering laws. An individual can be fined over $200 for improperly disposing of their trash.

Keep Charleston Beautiful is one of the major sponsors of this litter clean-up event. Keep Charleston Beautiful is the local chapter of Keep America Beautiful, who are dedicated to cleaning up the country through different programs and organizations. There are chapters in almost every city across the United States and if you cannot find one in your city, you can start one of your own.

The Center for Civic Engagement at the College of Charleston is similar to Keep America Beautiful in the way that they too want to raise awareness among individuals about the impacts of littering. They are committed to inspiring their students to make a positive social change on the world around them.

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