Can you believe that it has been over four months since the last pitch of the 2011 World Series? While we’ve had football, hockey and basketball to occupy our time, there is something really nice about the fact that Opening Day is less than a month away for the 2012 Cincinnati Reds, a team that seems to be going in the right direction. Of course, a lot of work goes into the Great American Ball Park so that it is ready for the Reds regular season home opener on April 5th against the Miami Marlins.

While it may look amazing the first day that you walk into the ballpark, you need to be aware of all of the work that was done in the off season, as well as all of the dumpster rental Cincinnati services that needed to be used to keep the ball park as one of the best in baseball.Different stadiums need different types of upgrades during the off season. There are some stadiums that will do a massive amount of remodeling, from taking out complete sections of seats to creating new levels and grandstands for fans to enjoy. Other stadiums, like the Great American Ball Park, do a lot of upkeep and maintenance, which might seem small in nature, but is rather massive when you are dealing with a 42,300-seat stadium.

So what kind of upkeep and maintenance warrants the need for hundreds of dumpster rentals? Bathrooms and concession stands need updating, carpets need to be ripped up and replaced, walls need to be torn out and rebuilt in a certain style, and signage needs to be updated and repainted. All in all, a lot of the stuff is small in nature and not really all that noticeable, but as a whole, needs to be done in order to keep the Ball Park as one of the best in all of sports.

As you know from your own home improvement projects, dumpsters get filled up fast. When you are talking about a place with dozens of suites, hundreds of bathroom stalls and an entire underground level, you better believe that there are going to be plenty of filled dumpsters leaving the stadium each day during the off season.