On Saturday July 13th the 55 year old Inner Belt Bridge was demolished in a controlled explosion. The bridge came down in about 2 seconds after strategically placed dynamite went off across the bridge. (And boom goes the dynamite!) Five of the nine pillars of the bridge came down and disappeared into the Cuyahoga River Valley. The demolition will not be completed until August of this year.

The iconic Cleveland Inner Belt Bridge was finished in 1959. The bridge crosses over the Flats and the Cuyahoga River. When the bridge was completed, it was 4,233 feet in length and 116.25 feet in width. At the time the bridge was built, it was the widest bridge in Ohio. The bridge was supposed to carry Interstate 71, but since the bridge took so long to be completed it ended up carrying Interstate 90 instead.

In November of 2008, all commercial truck traffic became prohibited on the bridge because it was deemed structurally unsafe after a review from a computer analysis. In the middle of 2010 this problem was solved and rectified. The bridge will be replaced by the George V. Voinovich Bridges. The new westbound part of the bridge opened in 2013 and the new eastbound bridge will open sometime in 2016.

The bridge will be named the George V. Voinovich after the United States Senator and 65th governor of Ohio George Victor Voinovich. He is only the second person from Cleveland to be a US senator and serve as Governor for Ohio. During the 2004 re-election to the senate, he received more than 63% of the votes and he won all of the counties in Ohio. He is an influential person to the city of Cleveland and he has proven his dedication to his hometown.

Nearly a thousand people gathered in the public viewing areas to watch the bridge come down early Saturday morning. People cheered and rejoiced when the bridge was obliterated in a matter of a few seconds. People surrounded the area with their phones to watch and record this important day in history. One local even brought a drone with a camera to fly over the demolition and record the entire thing.

There are plenty of different videos across the internet with different angles of the demolition. I will post one of the videos below. If this video makes you want to get rid of something in your home or commercial property, go for it! Call us to rent a dumpster for your next demolition process. Our dumpsters can collect all kinds of waste materials. Give us a call to start your next project today!

Here is the video of the demolition from an onlooker in Cleveland!