Quickly approaching its completion is the $550.5 million voter-approved school building and renovation process in Detroit. The Detroit Public School system is working on four brand new academic facilities, as well as renovating several others. They’re also planning to consolidate, close and relinquish control of a number of schools as well.

The amount of work the Public School system is undertaking will likely require the services of a dumpster rental in Detroit. The Finney High School, which will be located on the east side of Detroit, is sure to be one of the most impressive high schools in the region. The 221,000 square-foot project is still being completed.

All four schools are said to be on schedule to open in the fall of the next school year. The two high schools which are being built will include swimming pools, media centers, science labs and multi-functioning sports fields. Each of the four buildings will be LEED certified, which promotes green building design, construction and operation solutions.

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