Tampa Bay, FL – Buddy Brew Coffee has been named one of the few finalists for the fifth annual Good Food Awards. This is a prestigious honor created to recognize and reward quality food and drink as well as those committed to sustainability, responsible sourcing and overall best practices. Buddy Brew was among only 4 finalists chosen from Florida. The other three finalists from the sunshine state are Panther Coffee Roaster, The Royale Gourmet Co and Sapore della Vista.

Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee craft roaster with a passion to do good, their motto is “Brew Good and Do Good.” Buddy Brew takes its time and does its research to work directly with farmers who grow their coffee beans with care and responsibility. They are dedicated to providing the community with quality coffee that doesn’t force them choose between taste and supporting the little man. They desire to make a difference in the world through their pursuit of excellence and overall well being.

The coffee shop was first founded by Dave and Susan Ward while on pursuit for a great cup of coffee. They eventually discovered that nothing beats coffee made from freshly roasted beans and one year later they decided to roast their own beans and give them away as Christmas gifts. They created the label and jokingly named it after their dog Buddy and their friends were thrilled.

They bought a Diedrich IR-7 commercial roaster and started roasting and selling coffee right out of their garage. Once they mastered the skill of roasting beans, they opened their own store in Tampa Bay in 2010. They had a self-service cup that asked for $2 and with that donation you would receive a bottomless cup of coffee. After two years, the Buddy Brew at Oxford Exchange was opened. Their legacy has reached many different people in Tampa Bay and has lead them to be finalists in the Good Food Awards.

It is quite the honor for this Tampa Bay based coffee shop to be a finalist in the Good Food Awards. This awards ceremony was founded five years ago by the nonprofit organization, Seeding Profits, in San Francisco. This year, there were 1,462 entries which were pared down to 206 finalists in the categories of beer, cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, coffee, confections, honey, oils, preservatives, pickles and spirits. Buddy Brew was chosen as a finalist for its Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aylele coffee roast.

The award winners will be announced at a gala in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on January 8th, 2015. On January 10th, there will be a Winners Marketplace to honor the Good Food Award recipients who push their industries towards sustainability and craftsmanship while building strong communities and enhancing our agricultural landscape.

The winners of the Good Food Award for coffee will be chosen for their exemplary flavor, fairness of farming techniques and sustainability practices. It is great to see so many Florida based companies up for these awards because it shows their dedication to quality. I hope to see Buddy Brew from Tampa Bay, chosen and honored for their great and honest practices.

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