Tampa FL has gone green this year with their annual Gasparilla Music Festival. Last year was the beginning of the Gasparilla Music Festival and they weren’t as concerned with proper waste disposal as they are this year. This year they are taking it to another level and going green.

On March 9, 2013 the Gasparilla Music Festival will be held. They already have all their high tech lighting and sound systems prepared for the bands that will appear. This year they have received a donation of 5 metric tons of Verified Emission Reductions. This will help reduce the amount of carbon released.

Another way the festival plans on reducing emissions is by promoting carpooling and taking buses to the festival on their website. They are calling it the Travel Impact Reduction program. They are hoping that those that attend will take going green seriously and join them in their attempt to help the environment this year.

The festival will also have recycling bins available to encourage proper waste disposal. They also plan on banning plastic water bottles all together during the festival. Food vendors will also be encouraged to reduce non-recyclable containers and items.

The Gasparilla Music Festival is hoping to educate their guests with new technologies and strategies for reducing carbon emissions and waste. They want them to learn proper waste removal techniques such as recycling and using materials that are able to be recycled.

The festival plans on furthering their efforts year after year. They want to keep the environment clean and educate those as they do so. The festival’s volunteers have even come in contact with the founder and President of Tampa-based REAL Building Consultants so that they can initiate a plan for future events. They want to stick with the going green concept and come up with more ways to stay environmentally friendly.