dumpsters needed for new construction in Boston, MA

It’s time to face facts (if you didn’t face them the day Bobby Valentine was hired) – the Red Sox will be home for the postseason and are in the midst of a major personnel shift. A little known fact is that from April through October there is a functioning city outside of Fenway Park. Boston is not only functioning, but is evolving and going through a shift of it’s own.

Where the Red Sox have fallen short in providing something to celebrate, city planners and construction companies have been hard at work and celebrating growth as it happens. As with most of the country, significant growth has been stagnant for quite a while, but delays provide an opportunity for improvements in the planning of projects. The NorthPoint development area is soon to be covered with construction crews and a continuous flow of equipment, materials and construction dumpsters. NorthPoint has been on hold for nearly 5 years, but the $2 Billion plan is soon to resume, and breathe life into a new area of the city that don’t have the benefits of the bright lights of Fenway.

Fenway is an historic park, and a welcome site for Bostonians and tourists alike, but much development has been directed towards the Seaport district because of its potential for personal and professional appeal. There are some standard plans, and some gaudy for new construction at the waterfront. Whether it is a $5 Million innovation center or the new offices of the Herald, construction dumpsters will cover the streets so that the debris does not, but the end result will be yet another attraction for the Boston area.

The area around Fenway will not be forgotten, however, as the Fenway Center development has been gaining steam. The construction site around the stadium will be off-limits to the public, so while the construction dumpsters in Boston will not be a new place to discard your Josh Beckett jerseys, they will represent growth outside the stadium (that we hope will be mirrored inside with the Red Sox).