If you’re looking to decorate your home but don’t have the money do so, have no fear because we have put together a great list of inexpensive ways to decorate your place. Most of these DIY projects can be completed with items and materials you should already have. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for any necessary items that you may need but don’t have or don’t want to buy.

  1. Make a low surface display out of books. Do you need a small table to place drinks or a plant in between chairs in the living room? Simply stack a bunch of large books on top of each other and voila, you have a table! If you don’t have any books to use, you should be able to find some at a thrift store. Plus, it looks very sophisticated.book table
  2. Use newspaper to make a wall map. Depending upon how large you want to make your map, this could be made with just one Sunday newspaper. The most difficult part of this project will be to cut the paper to look like the continent. If your home does not receive the newspaper, ask a friend or neighbor if you can have theirs when they are finished.map
  3. Hang magazines with hangers. Are you sick of rummaging through your huge basket of magazines to find that specific one you like? If so, displaying your favorite magazines on hangers can be an efficient and very stylish way to store them. All you need to do is put a nail in your wall, hang the hanger and then fold the magazine over the hanger.magazine on hanger
  4. Frame your previous house keys.  Keep copies of all your house keys and make sure to label them, so you know which key goes to which house. Glue your keys to a piece of paper and write the address of which house it went to under the key. Place the paper in a shadow box and display it in your home as a cute decoration.keys
  5. Display t-shirts on canvas. Looking for a unique way to showcase your old sentimental shirts? You can do that by securing them to canvas or even just a piece of cardboard and then hanging them on the wall. This is a great way to cut down on your piles of junior high and high school sports shirts without having to toss them out or give them away.t-shirts

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