Chances are, you are familiar with or even personally know a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it’s an uncle, a next door neighbor that wears aluminum foil hats, your postal service worker or a blogger that you follow. These theorists may think on a small scale, a sports game fixing for example, or large scale like the Mayan calendar prediction that the world will end in 2012. Regardless of who it is or what they think, you probably think their ideas are trash or that they’re just cooky. Chances are that you’re right, but the theorists out there won’t stop just because the general public doesn’t believe them.

Conspiracy theories have been the basis for movies such as Conspiracy Theory, JFK, National Treasure and basically anything involving Area 51. They are entertaining as movies, but downright hilarious until they are made into one. Area 51 is probably the most infamous and common platform for conspiracy theorists – UFO’s just have a unique intrigue. Denver is home to a conspiracy theory haven of its own sometimes referred to under the nickname of Area 52, and that is the Denver International Airport. It looks like a giant collection of Native American Teepees, has a beautiful and mysterious glow at night, is guarded at its highway entrance by a statue of a giant blue horse with red eyes, and really opens up to conspiracy since it is a major airport in America post-9/11.

The most common source of conspiracy for the Denver airport, aside from the aforementioned creepy horse statue, is the murals found throughout the terminals. But the theories also expand to the depths of the building itself, as many theorists have grown concerned with the constant dumpsters at the Denver International Airport. This construction could be used for expanding the service capabilities of the airport, building a bunker for the Mayan end of days prediction, a meeting area for secret societies, or a furnace in which pointless written conspiracy theories can be burned. If theorists get creative enough, perhaps Denver’s airport will be the source of the next conspiracy movie.