The city of Denver and their much beloved Broncos are making a push to host either the 2018, 2019, or 2020 Super Bowl. Though talk of hosting the Super Bowl in Denver has been around before, this current drive actually has a reasonable chance of success. In the past, almost every Super Bowl has been held in warmer climates or in cities with domed stadiums. But the NFL has broken with tradition and selected the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, a pretty cold place in February, for Super Bowl XLVIII. If that game goes well, it leaves the door wide-open for Denver, CO and other cold-weather cities to launch bids for the big game.

If Denver is able to pull off a successful bid for any of the 3 games they’ve targeted, they’ll be in for quite the challenge. Any city that hosts the Super Bowl inevitably has to deal with huge congestion and overbooked hotel rooms. During the last Super Bowl, held in Indianapolis, there were over 110,000 sports fans that flocked to the area. That’s a lot of people looking for temporary living spaces. And it also means a lot of trash filling up dumpsters in Denver.

Despite the challenges, most cities find that the associated economic boom more than makes up for the headaches. Super Bowl XLVI generated almost $340 million for the city of Indianapolis, which is a pretty huge chunk of change for a smaller Midwestern city. When you’re pulling in that kind of dough, you can accept the traffic and overcrowded sidewalks of downtown. And if the trash problem gets out of hand, the city can just get a bunch of dumpster rentals in Denver.

So who knows? Maybe in 6 years we’ll be seeing snow on the ground in Denver as the two champions slip and slide their way to Super Bowl glory.