With the use of Keurig machines becoming more frequent, K-cups have become an issue at landfills. There are currently billions of K-cups in landfills. The problem will only persist if action isn’t taken. That’s why a company has begun working on a green k-cup that will biodegrade faster as is it sits in the landfill.

Canterbury Coffee Corp. has discovered a more efficient way of recreating Keurig’s K-cups by making the cups out of 40% less plastic, making them more susceptible to a quicker breakdown. The company has already released these K-cups. They began using them when they released their new organic coffee and their new packing with zero-carbon offsets. The company is really mindset on being green.

Canterbury claims that their K-cup design is 92% biodegradable. The filter, made of nylon is the only no biodegradable portion of the single serve coffee cup. However, the company is working on a new biodegradable filter for future use too. The company’s K-cups, OneCoffee cup is said to be 98% biodegradable within the next few years. That is the company’s goal.

While Canterbury is located in British Columbia, other coffee companies around the world have also started working on biodegradable K-cups. Keurig is currently trying their best to find a way to claim their K-cups as being biodegradable instead of just compostable.

The future will only bring more sustainable K-cups. Proper waste disposal is crucial in helping our environment and although K-cups are small, they are beginning to flood landfills. Coffee companies are hastily trying to come up with ways to make their single serve coffee cups biodegradable and better for the environment.

Whenever you can, try to purchase food and drinks with biodegradable packaging. This will greatly help keep our landfills from filling up too quickly and only aid in the health of our environment.

Via: Waste & Recycling News