When you think about Disney World, certainly your childhood, your children or disney characters come to mind, right? Put yourself in the shoes of an Orlando resident, business owner or city employee – who think of Disney World and see dollar $igns. The entertainment value and excitement that it provides for all is indisputable, but it is the biggest of industries for the city of Orlando.

Disney World spans 47 square miles of entertainment and industry. That space is filled annually with tourists consuming goods and services at a shocking rate, but also the thousands of daily employees as well as outside contractors that are responsible for the upkeep and continuous improvement of the park. Aside from the tourists, the park is filled with Orlandians that run the facilities and handle any ongoing maintenance, including deliveries and the removal of massive amounts of trash in roll off dumpsters. There is so much trash, in fact, that there have been significant strides to reduce the amount of waste simply going to the landfill by sorting and composting possible materials. Even with these efforts, over 100,000 tons of debris is leaving the 47 square mile resort annually, which is disposed of by multiple dumpster and trash companies in the Orlando area.

Many Orlando residents do not appreciate the stigma of being attached to the success of a theme park, but it is a matter of fact that without Disney World, many industries would not be in existence or thriving as they are today. This is true for those especially in the food and service industry, but also touches the construction and waste removal businesses. Companies that receive large contracts and business by Disney World, are able to hire employees, build businesses, and offer improved services to the residents of Orlando. So next time you eat a good meal, or hire an efficient construction contractor, or even rent a dumpster in Orlando – there is a good chance that the company you seek is available due to industrial significance of Disney World.