Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten out your decorations yet, there is still time to get in the spirit! This DIY is especially useful if you already have canning jar lids lying around. It doesn’t matter if they are old or rusted, because you will give them new life with this project! It is a fast and easy way to spruce up your home for the holidays, and it can help you re-use some materials that otherwise might have ended up in the trash!

Here’s what you will need for this DIY decoration:
Canning jar rings (about 2 dozen, all the same size. use more or fewer depending on the ring size and desired pumpkin size); String; Cinnamon sticks or twigs; Paint and paintbrush or spray paint (optional)

First, you’ll need to collect your the canning jar rings. Make sure they are all the same size, or the pumpkin will look lumpy and won’t create a good rounded shape. You can purchase these at a craft store, but it’s even better to recycle them!

The next step is optional. You can paint the rings if you desire. This is a great opportunity to make the decoration to match your decor. You can make them all the same color, alternate them, or put decorative tape around the edges for a more designed look. If you do choose to paint the rings, make sure to let them completely dry before moving on.

Now you can string the canning lids together. Any type of string will work. Just know that you might be able to see the string through the  spaces between the lids once the pumpkins are complete. (So don’t choose bright pink fuzzy yarn, unless that’s a look you’re going for!)

Loop the string around into a circle and tie it tightly! Cut off the excess string. You will then have to adjust the lids a little bit to make it into a perfect circle, but it can be done!

Ta-Da! Now, you can add in stems and leaves if you desire. For a stem, you can use short twigs, or cinnamon sticks for a little bit of fall scent. Just push them down in the center of the pumpkin and the pressure should hold them in place. If it is too loose, a little bit of glue from a hot glue gun will do the trick.  You can also cut  out leaves from any kind of fabric or burlap for an extra touch.

You can make multiple pumpkins and create a decorative pumpkin patch for display around Halloween! Enjoy!