I know it may sound odd to hear, “don’t recycle” but when it comes to gift wrap, it is better to reuse or not use at all. Far too often wrapping paper is dyed, has glitter, or contains non-paper additives, all of which cannot be recycled because when one aspect of the item is not recyclable, the entire thing cannot be recycled. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, here are a few DIY projects you can make to reuse your leftover wrapping paper.

  1. Bows– If you have ever bought bows around the holidays, then you are with me when I think bows are crazy overpriced. You can reuse your leftover wrapping paper and cut it into strips to be made into bows. Click on the link below the picture for the 4 simple steps!
  2. Christmas Tree– This is a great project to use up all of your wrapping paper scraps. Simply, cover a cone with green construction paper and secure it with glue. Then cut your wrapping paper in equal size strips and wrap them around a pencil to make them curl. Next, glue the paper strips onto the tree and finish off the tree with a nice star on top.

  1. Paper Roses– These roses can be made with leftover paper of the same color or different colors. All you have to do is draw a spiral circle onto your paper and cut on the line. Once you have your paper cut, start with the outside and roll the paper inward, tightly at the beginning and more loosely at the end. When you get to the end, put a dab of hot glue on the paper to keep it together.

  1. Envelopes– Any type of leftover paper can be transformed into envelopes with just a few simple folding techniques. Carefully, unfold an envelope in your possession and trace the outline onto your leftover paper. Fold the leftover paper like how your envelope was folded and secure with some glue. If your paper is thin, you can glue a few pieces of paper together before you fold them.

  1. Storage Containers– Forgo the big expensive storage containers and make your own, all you need is a leftover box and some used wrapping paper. First, you will want to cut the top off of your cardboard box. Next, take your leftover wrapping paper and cut it so it can completely wrap around the box. Now, secure the paper to your box and voilà, you have a box fancy box to store all of your miscellaneous items.

Remember this year after you and your family are done with opening presents, save your wrapping paper. Since wrapping paper is usually not recyclable, it is a great idea to reuse it in any way possible. Feel free to comment below with any suggestions, comments or questions. Thanks for reading our blog and feel free to browse the entire site!