In 1858, a New Jersey-born man named John Landis Mason patented his jar. Back then, home-food preservation was a tricky affair. People would use mason jars to preserve fruits and vegetables to be eaten at a later time. Today, people may still use mason jars to preserve food, however they have become more versatile in their presence.

Here are some creative ways to use mason jars:

1. Soap Dispenser

Add a little country to your bathroom or kitchen by turning a jar into a soap dispenser. Just drill a hole in the lid and reuse a lotion pump and you will receive that rustic feel in no time!

2. Herb Garden

Spice up your garden by hanging your herbs. All you need is an old wooden board, pipe clamps and some hanging wire. You could hang your garden inside or outside, be creative!

3. Hanging Lights

These hanging lights would give the perfect rustic feel to any room. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hanging mason jars from thrifted finds such as old windows, pallets and shelves. You could also incorporate rustic chandeliers into your wedding decorations.

4. Bathroom Storage

There’s nothing worse than a disorganized bathroom. This is a stylish way to organize all your odds and ends such as Q-tips and cotton balls. The transparency in the jars make it easy to get ready when you are in a rush.

5. Vase

The easiest way to decorate a center piece for a special occasion or an everyday room is by turning a mason jar into a vase. The hardest part is deciding what materials and flowers you will use. You could decorate it to the point where it doesn’t even look like a mason jar!

6. Candle Holder

Whether it’s hanging or a centerpiece, the candlelight from a mason jar can create a romantic atmosphere. This rustic touch is popular for wedding receptions.