Next time you find yourself cleaning out your closet, put those too big sweaters aside. Refashioning sweaters into skirts is a great and simple DIY project anyone can make. It does not require too much sewing experience and it can be done with very few materials. For this project, I will suggest using a sewing machine, but you can also hand sew the sweater depending upon the thickness of the material.


  • A large sweater. (The waist of the sweater needs to fit over your hips.)
  • Elastic that is wide enough to fit around your waist.
  • Sewing machine, pins and scissors.

Step 1. – Cut the sleeves off of your sweater. Be sure to cut at the highest possible point on your sweater. The longer the sweater, the longer your skirt can be. If you want to make your skirt shorter, simply cut the sweater lower down from the sleeves. I find it best to cut as long as possible because you can always make it shorter after.

Step 2. – Sew the holes closed where the sleeves of the sweater used to be. You will want to sew at a small angle, so the skirt will fit to your body. I suggest using a zig-zag stich or you can use your serger. If you are not using a sewing machine, the steps are still the same. Sew the holes closed with a tight stitch that will not rip when you put it on.

Step 3. – Take your wide elastic band and sew the ends of it together. You may want to overlap the ends a little bit, so the skirt is a little tight and it won’t fall down. Next, pin the elastic band to the top of your skirt and sew the band onto the skirt. Make sure to stretch the elastic while sewing, so it does not rip the skirt when you put it on.

I hope next time you do a major cleanout project, you will think about refashioning your too big sweaters. Feel free to comment below with any questions, I will do my best to clarify. Check out our blog every Monday for more DIY projects inspired by recycling and saving our planet. Now, enjoy your warm and new skirt.

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