Budget Dumpster may be in the business of removing garbage, but we want to give our customers every opportunity to turn that trash into something that is treasured. Some of these do-it-yourself projects are rather simple and can be completed in minutes. Others might take a little time, but it will be worth the wait.

1. T-Shirts can be snipped into strips and used to clean the house. They also can be made into quilts or even rugs!

2. Cardboard can be re-purposed very easily. Take advantage of these projects or recycle it.

3. Egg Cartons are pretty wasteful if they are not recycled properly. Turn your egg carton into a wreath in just 6 easy steps! Wreaths can also be made from paper bags.

4. This may not be trash, but it will hold your trash can! Make your own trash can holder to protect your garbage bin.

5. Plastic bags are a burden in the landfill. Do your part by crocheting plastic bags together into a bag!

6. Mason Jars DIY projects are hip these days. Check out these mason jar inspirations for you.

7. Old magazines and junk mail are much more prevalent around the holidays, decorate your gifts with magazine bows.

8. Light Bulbs should never end up in the garbage. Recycle your old light bulbs into vases for your flowers.

9. Combine your bottle caps with plastic bags, which will hold absolutely everything!

10. Christmas and Holiday Cards are wasteful. Recycle them into a card collage in this DIY project.

11. By using a variety of items already in your home, make your very own dishwasher detergent.

12. Trash bags are not exactly garbage, but they do make a great kite!

13. Take your old bath towels and transform them into a rug for your bathroom.

14. Keep old tires and add a pond to your backyard! It’s easier than you think!

15. Tear up those Styrofoam food containers and make them into packing peanuts.

16. Denim can be the source of great DIY projects, check them out!

17. Paper towel tubes should be donated or used for a variety of crafts.

18. Did you know banana peels can shine your shoes?

19. How about making a 2 liter bottle into a broom?

20. Or even transform your out dated keyboard!

Garbage does not always need to end up in the landfill. Take this tips and be creative, while helping the environment. If you need any help completing these DIY projects, contact Budget Dumpster!