Boston’s got a waste problem. Or more specifically, the entire state of Massachusetts has a waste removal problem. This should come as no surprise considering the state is ranked seventh in terms of lack of overall space while ranking fourteenth in population. And a lot of that population comes from Boston which accounts for a little less than six hundred and twenty-five thousand people with the Greater Boston metro area housing about four and a half million. It’s no wonder the state doesn’t have anywhere to toss its garbage. In less than seven years it is estimated that Massachusetts will be able to hold less than six hundred thousand tons of waste in its landfills as that number continues to shrink every day. So the question now is: what to do with it all?

It was back in the year 2000 that the state no longer had a restriction in place on building new landfills. The only problem, there isn’t any space to build more of these waste disposal mountains. There are just too many trucks and too many dumpsters heading there every day already and nowhere for all of that trash to go. Enter the idea of building more incineration plants. But these will not be just any incinerators, oh no, these ones will apparently be more environmentally friendly, not releasing as many pollutants into the air while also creating more energy at the same time. Or so goes the idea, which the state is suggesting is nothing but truth. Environmentalists on the other hand, they are a little more skeptical of these brand new incinerators and how well they will work. This is understandable considering there are currently none in existence in the United States.

It is now up to state officials and how vocal public opinion is to either put this incinerator plan in place or squash it, with the general populous having their voice heard until the day after Valentine’s Day next month. Those in favor of the plan use the fact that Massachusetts currently exports a great deal of its waste due to the lack of space and this will only get worse as the years continue if something is not done about the issue. Those against are saying if the state just got smarter about how they handled all their waste the issue wouldn’t matter. People on the environmental side of the fence say the technology just isn’t there (literally and figuratively) and Massachusetts should focus more on reusing all of the recyclable materials that it is already throwing out instead of merely burning everything. Regardless of how clean the emissions will be, no one can argue against the fact that there will still be emissions.

Officials in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts have a tough choice to make regarding how to deal with their major waste removal problem. Their landfills are full, and most are not being used properly. The contents of their trash bins and dumpsters are piling up in landfills across the state as well as throughout other states. Something needs to be done and it’s Zero Hour for making a decision.