In perhaps one of the more innovative methods to combat illegal dumping, the city of Baltimore is threatening to assess points to driver’s licenses of residents convicted of the crime.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says her city spends millions upon millions of dollars on illegal dumping each year, and she’s had enough.  The city issued nearly 600 citations for illegal dumping last year alone. Rawlings-Blake is petitioning the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation requiring courts to notify the Motor Vehicle Administration of individuals convicted on illegal dumping using their vehicle.

Currently the state’s Litter Control Law only allows the court to suspend an individual’s driver’s license for one week, and assesses no points.  The proposal would put those convicted of illegal dumping two-thirds of the way toward losing their license, which requires 12 points.

Baltimore residents wishing to avoid any such penalties are encouraged to utilize eight drop-off centers throughout the city.  Citizens can also call 3-1-1 for free bulk trash pickup.  The number is available for reporting illegal dumping.