Dumpsters. We love them. We also understand they’re not a Beyoncé Instagram photo and don’t necessarily provide that “wow” factor, aesthetically speaking. That’s not to say they don’t have a certain allure. I mean, check out this dumpster pool or inflato dumpster if you need convincing.

Wallpapered Dumpsters

Building on the “dumpsters are sweet” movement (we just made that up) is artist C. Finley. She’s in our top ten of humans on this planet because she’s turning dumpsters into grade A street art. Finley received international attention from big-time publications (like the New York Times) over the last five years for wallpapering the exterior of dumpsters. Take a look at the video below to find out what she wants to do next.

You can find more of Finley’s wallpapered dumpsters and the rest of her work at cfinley.com.

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